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Money Mechanics for Space on the Space Show

Our Financial Imagination and the Cosmos, Cambridge University Judge Business School, Nov, 2013

Keipr stands for Knowledge, Experience, Innovation, Precision, and Results. We are a boutique consultancy firm specialized in financial modelling and strategy. We have three broad fields of activity: development, evaluation, and implementation. We serve startups, small and medium sized businesses, large corporates, non-governmental and multilateral organizations, banks, non-profit foundations, agencies and governments. We support our clients in the development, evaluation and implementation of the 8Ps: Policies, Products, Projects, Programmes, Proposals, Plans, Papers, and Presentations.

Keipr has extensive experience in developing and designing financial strategy and models, giving it a unique edge in providing its clients with real and unique solutions. If you are looking for a professional and highly capable team, if you are looking for skills, experience and innovation, if you are searching for solutions and high quality insights and delivery, Keipr is your ideal partner.

Economics and Finance: The Front Lines of Galactic Evolution, Principium, I4IS, Dec, 2013, p.8

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